1: Sourcing: Garden fresh mint and citrus are carefully selected for our Honey Citrus Mint Tea.

2: Harvesting: Hand-picked ingredients ensure optimal freshness and flavor in every cup.

3: Processing: Mint leaves and citrus peels are dried and blended for a balanced taste.

4: Brewing: Our unique recipe involves steeping these natural ingredients in honey-infused water.

5: Packaging: Sealed for freshness, our tea bags preserve the natural goodness of each ingredient.

6: Shipping: From garden to cup, our Honey Citrus Mint Tea travels with care to reach you.

7: Consuming: Sip on the refreshing blend of mint, citrus, and honey for a delightful experience.

8: Benefits: Enjoy the antioxidant properties and natural sweetness of this healthy herbal tea.

9: Experience: Indulge in the journey of fresh ingredients from garden to cup with our Honey Citrus Mint Tea.