1: Start your day with a boost of energy by trying these quick Mediterranean breakfasts.

2: Fuel your body with a Greek yogurt parfait topped with fresh berries and honey.

3: Indulge in a traditional Spanish omelette made with eggs, potatoes, and onions.

4: Savor a slice of whole grain toast topped with avocado, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese.

5: Kickstart your morning with a refreshing smoothie made with spinach, banana, and orange juice.

6: Enjoy a bowl of overnight oats with almonds, dates, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

7: Treat yourself to a Mediterranean-style breakfast wrap filled with hummus, cucumbers, and olives.

8: Nourish your body with a plate of smoked salmon served with whole wheat crackers and cream cheese.

9: Discover how these Mediterranean breakfasts can provide you with the energy you need to conquer your day.