1: "Chair Leg Lifts - Tone those abs while sitting at your desk with this simple exercise."

2: "Oblique Chair Twists - Strengthen your core and improve posture with this seated twist."

3: "Knee Tucks - Engage your lower abs by pulling your knees towards your chest in a chair."

4: "Chair Crunches - Sit tall and engage your abs to perform mini crunches in your office chair."

5: "Seated Russian Twists - Rotate your torso to work on obliques without leaving your chair."

6: "Chair Planks - Strengthen your core and improve stability by holding a plank in your chair."

7: "Leg Extensions - Extend your legs to engage your lower abs and build strength."

8: "Seated Bicycle Crunches - Pedal your legs in the air to target your obliques while seated."

9: "Chair Side Crunches - Lean to each side in your chair to work on those obliques effectively."