1: Discover the 10 best at-home exercises to target and melt away stubborn love handles for a more toned waistline.

2: Try mountain climbers, a dynamic full-body exercise that engages the core and helps burn fat around the midsection.

3: Plank side crunches are effective for strengthening the obliques and sculpting a slimmer waistline.

4: Incorporate Russian twists into your routine to work the obliques and improve core stability.

5: Don't forget bicycle crunches, a challenging move that engages multiple muscle groups for all-around toning.

6: Get your heart rate up with high knees, a cardio exercise that also targets the lower abs and obliques.

7: Leg lifts are a simple yet effective exercise for tightening the core and sculpting a more defined waistline.

8: Engage the obliques and lower abs with side plank dips, a challenging move that also improves balance and stability.

9: Finish your workout with a set of burpees, a high-intensity exercise that targets multiple muscle groups for maximum calorie burn.